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泰國是個極具文化特色且宗教色彩濃厚的國家,舉國上下有超過90%的人口信仰佛教。也由於受佛教影響深遠,泰人以溫和有禮著稱,且尊崇王室及講求社會秩序祥和,平穩的社會風氣更吸引許多外國人赴泰投資。 繼續閱讀
  Bangkok, Thailand
by David Lu / translated by Lexie Fang
Thailand is a country with a strong cultural identity and strong religious influences. More than 90% of the population identify themselves as Buddhists. Due to the influence of Buddhism, the Thai people are known for their gentleness and courtesy, respecting the royal family and placing importance on social order. Thailand's stable society is what attracts many foreigners to invest in it. full article
2019 Q3 房產市場概要
今年截至目前月份買賣移轉戶數多呈現年增表現,反應今年市場買氣明顯比去年好,但 7 月之後則稍微步入淡季,再加上第三季適逢農曆民俗月,買賣移轉戶數走勢趨緩。
2019 Q3 Property Market Overview
As of the current month, the trading volume of the market has increased year over year, an obvious sign of better purchasing momentum than last year; but after July, it is slightly into the off-season.
full report
拉達那哥欣島,也稱作拉達那哥欣或老城區,為曼谷拍那空縣歷史相當悠久的區域。此區位於昭皮耶河畔,除了擁有百年傳統文化風華,像是各式道地的街邊小吃、泰國第一家銀行,以及國寶級寺廟--金佛寺,也隨著時間的洗禮,匯聚了現代創新藝術氣息。而近年來更以不同的特色小店,例如老街咖啡廳和不定時在舊碼頭 Mahara 舉辦的市集等,發展為文青聚集地。拉達那哥欣島,其實也為泰國國王拉瑪一世所開創的「曼谷王朝」(或稱「卻克里王朝」)首都所在地,因此歷史韻味濃厚的護城河、城牆及堡壘等遺跡也隨處可見,吸引來自世界各地的旅人前往朝聖。
  Rattanakosin Island
Rattanakosin Island, also known as Rattanakosin or the Old Town, is a historic area in the Phra Nakhon District in Bangkok, Thailand, and is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Not only does Rattanakosin Island own centurial traditional culture, such as different kinds of local foods, the first bank in Thailand, and the national treasure temple, the Golden Buddha, but it also shows the spirit of modern and innovative art. In recent years, with its specially characteristic stores, such as coffee shops on conventional old streets or markets held at the the Maharajit, it has become a place where art enthusiasts gather. The Rattanakosin Island is actually the capital of the “Bangkok Dynasty” (or “Chakri Dynasty”), which was founded by King Rama I. Therefore, the remains of the moats, the city walls and the fortresses can be seen everywhere, attracting travellers from all over the world to pilgrimage.
座落於拉達那哥欣島的帕徹獨彭大寺院,為曼谷最古老的大型寺廟之一,其最廣為人知的便是寺內長達46公尺的臥佛像,因此也經常被華人稱為「臥佛寺」。而帕徹獨彭大寺也為皇家寺廟--拉瑪一世的主廟,寺內除了藏有豐富的佛教藝術品,在早期更是公共教育的代表地,以及泰式按摩的發源地。除了金碧輝煌的臥佛,帕徹獨彭大寺院中也有許多佛像及佛塔,因此也有「萬佛寺」之稱。兩百二十多年以來,帕徹獨彭大寺院香火鼎盛,不論是當地人或是外國旅人,均爭相前往膜拜。 了解更多
  Wat Pho
Located on the Rattanakosin Island, the Wat Pho is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok and the main temple of the king, Rama I. With its most famous feature, the 46-meter reclining Buddha statue, it is often called "The Temple of the Reclining Buddha" in Chinese. In addition to the rich Buddhist art, the temple is the representative place of public education and the birthplace of Thai massage in the early days. And besides the splendid reclining Buddha, there are many Buddha statues and pagodas too. For more than two hundred and twenty years, the Wat Pho has been bustling with pilgrims and both locals and foreign travelers have come to worship. more
  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most famous floating markets among Bangkok's seven major ones. Not only can travellers enjoy the water scenery and the fun of shopping on the water in the hand-cranked boat, but also visit the shops on both sides of the river to experience the unique Thai life when they come here. Some of these stores sell a variety of traditional snacks, and some are famous for handicrafts and souvenirs, allowing travellers to go through the baptism of traditional Thai culture in a short period of time. Therefore, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market also has the reputation of “the Venice of the East.” It has gathered a crowd of people throughout the year and has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Bangkok.
Loi Krathong
The Loi Krathong can be said to be one of the most attractive festivals in Southeast Asia in the second half of the year. And for Thailand, it is the most important festival after the rainy season. Residents will make water lamps and put them into the river bank, or set off the sky lanterns to pray for the realization of their wishes on this day. Many young couples will pray for love, so the Loi Krathong is also often referred to as "the Thailand's Valentine's Day." The riverside where the most people gather in Bangkok is the Chao Phraya River, the largest river in Thailand. The whole river will be covered with various magnificent water lamps, making the Loi Krathong the most romantic festival in Thailand.
Time: 11th November 2019
Place: Thailand
劉恆碩 Jason
Modern Hilltop Villa
Located at the top of Yangmingshan and consists of private swimming pool, yard, parking space and 24-hr management.
蔡吉政 Freeman
大景大院 美邸
Gardenia Villa
A standalone villa with open space and splendid layout. Located next to Yangmingshan and overlooks the Tamsui River and Taipei Port.
李建國 James
Wellington Heights
A functional villa overlooks mountain and river. Featured with 520 ping grand spaces, 7 studio apartments, a swimming pool, a green house and a parking space.
沃頓通羅 8 & 13
Walden Thonglor 8&13 位於泰國曼谷最有潛力的生活和投資地區之一 - 通羅,周邊環繞著豪華的購物中心、著名的咖啡館、高級的餐廳,以及國際級的醫院和學校。Walden Thonglor 8 是一棟豪華低層建物,具有深厚的傳統,可為您帶來被大自然之美所包圍的最大私密性。至於 Walden Thonglor 13 ,是最能讓您享受生活的理想場所,其不僅擁有現代、簡約的設計,精巧的豪華細節,更致力於減輕您的焦慮和增加幸福感,為您的生活帶來最獨特的優雅。

沃頓通羅 8      沃頓通羅 13
  Walden Thonglor 8 & 13
Walden Thonglor 8 & 13 are situated in Thonglor, one of the high-potential locations for living and investment in Bangkok, Thailand. They are surrounded by luxury shopping malls, famous cafés, fine restaurants, hangout spots and leading international hospitals and schools. Walden Thonglor 8 is a singular luxury low-rise project that comes with a deep tradition to offer the utmost privacy surrounded by the beauty of nature. While Walden Thonglor 13 is the perfect place to enjoy all life has to offer. Its modern, minimalist design and subtle luxurious details are focused on reducing anxiety and increasing happiness, all while giving a unique elegance to your life.

Walden Thonglor 8     Walden Thonglor 13
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  The Real Dreamer
Modern dance is not only an art, but also the cultural bridge Lim Huai-min builds between himself and the society, as well as Taiwan and the world. full article
位在曼谷市中心的豪華公寓,透過時尚設計與簡化格局,讓無邊際的城市天際線近在眼前。 全文閱讀
  The Rise of a New Trend
With concise layout and stylish design, the luxurious apartment in the heart of Bangkok overlooks the city skyline.
full article
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