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不到300平方公里的臺北市,卻坐擁國際知名指標大樓 - 臺北101、名列全球前15名最受歡迎的博物館 - 故宮博物院,以及從米其林餐廳到夜市小吃應有盡有的美食文化。
  Taipei, Taiwan
by David Lu / translated by Lexie Fang
Even with less than 300 square kilometres in area, Taipei is home to an iconic building (Taipei 101), a world top-15 museum (the Palace Museum), as well as a food culture that includes everything from Michelin restaurants to night market snacks. full article
台北市房地產 市場月報2020/5
  Songshan District
Songshan District is a slightly northeast part of central Taipei City. Many famous tourist attractions such as the Songshan Airport, the Taipei Arena, and the Raohe Street Tourist Night Market, as well as prosperous business districts with plenty of large department stores and shopping centers are located in this area. The district is also a major financial center, named “ Taipei Wall Street ”, with many financial institutions situated on Nanjing East Road and Dunhua North Road. In addition, Minsheng Community, the earliest urban planning development zone in Taipei City, is also located in this area. With much pleasant view among a sea of greenery and various specialty restaurants, it has become one of the famous communities in Songshan District.
  Xinfu Market
When it comes to the most fashionable trends, the pursuit of retro must be the first thing to do. The Xinfu Market, established in 1935 during the Japanese colonial period, is located in the glorious place of Taipei ’s old city-Wanhua District and develops a strong historical charm. Not only does it own more than 80 years of history, but also combine modern architectural concrete design and old Japanese monuments. Through the concepts of "food education", "cultural promotion" and "regional regeneration", travelers can embark on a old school journey as if stepping into the time corridor when they arrive at the Xinfu Market.
在繁華喧囂的都市裡,帶有歲月風華韻味的藝術總顯得格外珍稀。而隱藏於歷史聚落中的寶藏巖國際藝術村,更以生態、藝術、社區之對話的「共生」理念,成為新一代藝術家透過創作相互撞擊、交融的重要秘境,讓時光的洗鍊,在藝術村裡的每個角落,被記憶、被記錄。而寶藏巖國際藝術村也替依山傍水、錯落蜿蜒的古老聚落,注入富含藝術光輝的生命力,更揭開邊陲聚落的神秘面紗。 了解更多
  Treasure Hill Artist Village
In the bustling city, the art with historical charm is always extremely precious. The Treasure Hill Artist Village, hidden in the historical settlements, has grown into a place where nature, art and community co-exist and interactively converse, and has also become an important paradise for the new generation of artists to collide and blend with each other through their creation. Each valuable moment is remembered and recorded in every corner of the village. The Treasure Hill Artist Village also injects the vitality with artistic brilliance into the ancient settlements with winding mountains and rivers, and unveils the mystery of the settlements in the border. more
於全球各大知名美術館造成轟動的「一分鐘雕塑」作品,為奧地利知名藝術家歐文.沃姆具幽默感及表演性的創作,作品不僅取材自各式日常小物、服裝,更以互動式的觀展規劃,突破一般雕塑展的框架。此次於台北的展出,除了有《室內╱戶外一分鐘雕塑》之外,更增添了《文字雕塑》系列,邀請觀覽者透過朗讀短文形塑出雕塑;以及《表演雕塑》系列,讓觀覽者一邊與台北地標泥塑模型進行肢體互動時,能一邊思索社會符號、意識型態、行為以及認同之間的衝突與關連。 了解更多
時間:2020/4/2 - 2020/7/5
One Minute in Taipei: Erwin Wurm Solo Exhibition
The "One Minute Sculpture" art piece that caused a sensation in the world's leading art museums is a humorous and performative work, created by Austrian artist, Owen Worm. His works are not only drawn from various daily objects and clothing, but also challenge traditional imaginations of sculpture. Apart from the “Indoor and Outdoor One Minute Sculptures”, the “Word Sculptures” and “Performative Sculptures” series are also included in Taipei’s exhibition this time. The audience is invited to recite short texts to produce an image of the sculpture, while selected participants follow instructions to perform body movements, which are designed according to social norms and standards, on clay models of Taipei landmarks. more
Time: April 2nd, 2020 - July 5th, 2020
Place: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
李昭明 Steven
Oasis Prime
Two households on each floor. Features the most advanced ventilation system from Europe and constant temperature and humidity.
磺溪木蘭居B座 II
磺溪第一排,千坪森林美地,獨攬綠意。一層一戶尊榮豪邸,樓高三米六。全棟白色花崗岩石,SRC 鋼骨結構。
Magnolia B II
One unit per floor, each with a 3.6 meter-high ceiling. Constructed with SRC structure and decorated with white granite.
羅治麟 Patrick
Landscape Of The Luxury
A listing featuring stone-material exterior, a lounge, rooftop swimming pool, gym, and 5-meter high lobby.
風華南岸府 (South Beach Residences) 是新加坡頂尖開發商CDL (城市發展集團)所推出的地標級綜合發展項目,由國際級大師諾曼‧福斯特 (Norman Foster) 跨刀設計。傲立於新加坡南岸 JW 萬豪酒店 ( JW Marriott Singapore South Beach )之上,連結地鐵站、A 級辦公大樓和高端餐飲與娛樂休閒空間。 提供190套2至4房豪華公寓及層峰頂級豪宅。走進22樓無邊際泳池和32樓的空中花園,享受居高臨下的濱海灣城市風韻。住戶不僅享有各項奢華的公共設施,更可親身感受頂尖的禮賓服務,先進的辨識系統和多項優惠設施。
  South Beach Residences
South Beach Residences is a high-end luxury property jointly developed by Singapore's City Developments Limited and Malaysia's IOI Properties Group Berhad -- two of the region's biggest real estate conglomerates, and designed by the world-famous architect Norman Foster. It is also part of an integrated development that also includes Grade A office tower and a lifestyle dining enclave -- with direct access to Esplanade MRT and City Hall MRT interchange. Perched atop the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, it comprises 190 apartments, ranging from two-, three-, and four-bedroom suites to generously-sized penthouse. Residents can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the urban cityscape at two lush sky gardens and an infinity pool as well as gets exclusive access to the luxurious Hotel-Residential services offered by the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. Amenities include the biometric access with fingerprint recognition to the fully equipped Bulthaup kitchen. more
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建築是逐漸進化,而非顛覆性的革命。由建築大師 Jim Olson 所設計的Meadow House,完美地將青翠大地融入生活中。 全文閱讀
  Step inside the Nature
Architecture should be a gradual evolution, not a subversive revolution. Meadow House, designed by by master architect Jim Olson, perfectly integrates the verdant earth into life. full article
  Old Meets New
Reconstruct the courtyard house into a boutique hotel, turn the old factory into an art gallery. Transform old buildings into trend-setting urban highlights through design. full article
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