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作者 / 呂岱諺
  Bangkok, Thailand
by David Lu / translated by Viviane
As the capital and largest city of Thailand, Bangkok is the center of politics, the economic, trade, transportation, education, religion, etc., and is an amalgamation of Chinese and Western cultural influences. As a city that has a bit of everything, Bangkok is the most representative city of Thailand. full article
台北市房地產 市場月報2021/5
號稱全台高鐵站區最大招商案的高鐵台中站「超級娛樂購物城」開發案,確定將由新光人壽及廣三SOGO百貨兩大集團一較高下,初步規劃總投資金額達300億至350億元,全案預計6月底評選最優投資申請人,8月完成簽約進入開發程序。 超級娛樂購物城位於高鐵台中站前第一排的完整街廓,土地面積達4.8萬餘坪,全案最大總樓地板面積可達14.2萬坪,採70年設定地上權繼續閱讀
Sukhumvit Road runs through the center of Bangkok and is one of the busiest areas of the city. It holds a high concentration of international hotels, museums, as well as nightlife, business and entertainment venues. Not only are there modern shopping centers, independent boutique stores, and outlet malls selling high-end fashion brands, but there are also various cultural and creative street markets in the area. It is truly a paradise for shoppers!
Food and nightlife are other major features of Sukhumvit Road, with bars, nightclubs, street food stalls and Michelin restaurants all lined up one after another. With skytrains shuttling back and forth and a highly accessible MRT system, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city is a breeze. For those seeking tranquility, there are parks hidden in alleys and various museums showcasing Thailand’s culture, medical history, and even an educational science center worth a visit.
Sirocco Sky Bar
在曼谷一定要去體驗高空酒吧的夜生活! Sirocco Sky Bar這間奢華的酒吧是曼谷最出名的高空酒吧之一,眼尖的讀著一眼就看出這裡是電影「最後大丈夫2」的拍攝場景! 位在蓮花酒店 63F,躺在沙發區喝著雞尾酒,坐擁曼谷的美麗夜景! 了解更多
  Sirocco Sky Bar
Bangkok's rooftop bars are a not-to-be-missed nightlife experience! The luxurious Sirocco Sky Bar is one of the most famous rooftop bars in Bangkok. Some readers might recognize that the movie "Hangover 2" was shot here! Located on the 63rd floor of the Lotus Hotel, its guests lounge on the sofas and sip cocktails while enjoying the beautiful night view of Bangkok! more
悅榕莊 Apsara 奢華古船夜遊美饌
夜幕低垂後,來到湄南河邊搭上悅榕莊Apsara 號,一邊享受迷人河畔美景,一邊享受國際五星級水準的奢華裝潢,品嘗地道的泰國美饌。古色古香的柚木船在湄南河寬闊的水道中緩緩前行,途經著名的大皇宮、鄭王廟,穿過拉瑪三世大橋,精緻的泰式美食搭配美景,享受身處泰國的美麗浪漫。 了解更多
  Apsara Luxury River Cruise Dinner
After having dinner on the Banyan Tree Apsara's Chao Phraya River cruise, arrive back at Banyan Tree Apsara as night falls to enjoy the beautiful riverside scenery. Enjoy the luxurious decorations of the international five-star hotel while sampling authentic Thai delicacies. Take an old-fashioned wooden boat through the wide waterways of the Chao Phraya River, drifting pass the famous Grand Palace and Wat Arun, and passing under the Rama III Bridge. Revel in the romance of Thailand, accompanied by exquisite Thai cuisine and the beautiful scenery. more
芭達雅國際音樂節是泰國最大的國際海灘音樂節,每年六月在泰國最熱鬧的海灘城市「芭達雅」舉辦,一連持續三天,每年都有不同精采的主題,從晚上一直嗨到凌晨。吸引來自泰國與海外音樂愛好者每年在這美麗的芭達雅齊聚一堂,盡情享受各種流行樂、R&B、嘻哈、搖滾、爵士樂曲風等不同流派。 了解更多
The Pattaya International Music Festival
The Pattaya International Music Festival is Thailand’s largest international beach music festival and is held every June in Pattaya, Thailand’s liveliest beach city. It lasts three consecutive days, starting in the evenings and going on till the wee hours of the morning. The festival has different and exciting themes each year and attracts music lovers from Thailand and abroad. Enjoy a variety of pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, jazz and other music genres. more
Time: June, Each Year
Place: Pattaya
李建國 James
群山綠樹環抱,美式裝潢風格,私人大泳池別緻休憩庭園,雙大車庫 。距士林天母僅約15分鐘車程,離塵不離城。
Cypress Villa
Surrounded by mountains, Cypress Villa features American style decoration, private swimming pool, large garden, two garages, and 24hr management.
楊晶晶 Jenny
Jiantan Manor
A single villa with minimalist architecture providing much greenery, near MRTJiantan district, providing convenient transportation.
吳英才 Bill
信義安和 捷運 樓中樓
屋齡新,外觀氣派,一層一戶住戶單純,挑高六米樓中樓。 近101百貨商圈,仁愛大安優質學區素質佳。
MRT Xinyi-Anhe duplex apartment
The building features a 6 meter high ceiling, with one unit per floor. It is within the “Daan Renai School District” and close to the Xinyi district.
Walpole Condominium

前身為著名的精品酒店 Cabochon Hotel 坐落於曼谷市中心 Sukhumvit Road (素坤逸大道)中段位置;隱身在soi 45 (45巷內)距離主幹道100米,鬧中取靜,低調的象牙白帶有殖民風格的宅邸。 此建地是在2011年建成Walpole Condominium ,2012年租給 Cabochon Hotel 經營精品酒店及公寓住宅使用,隨即獲得《Condé Nast Traveler》 雜誌選為曼谷最佳旅館之一。 了解更多
  Walpole Condominium
Located in the middle section of Sukhumvit Road in Downtown Bangkok, this colonial-style residence is 100 m away from the main road; it is hidden at Soi 45 with its low-key ivory exterior and is quiet despite its bustling surroundings. Constructed on the site in 2011, Walpole Condominium was leased to the Cabochon Hotel in 2012 and operated as a boutique hotel and residential apartment, which was immediately selected by the Condé Nast Traveler Magazine as one of the best hotels in Bangkok. more
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
看未來系環保建築,創造高效環保性能、構築建築自然生態,以最友善環境的設計,改變城市景觀、改變未來。 全文閱讀
  Eco-Friendly Future
The future of green buildings are expected to reduce negative impacts or can create positive impacts on our climate and natural environment. full article
從北歐、英國,甚至到開發中的印度,都將在未來10年內陸續禁止燃油車銷售。未來,將有新動力標準、新豪華概念,以及新的用車方式,快速改變你我的生活習慣。 全文閱讀
  New Power New Age New Generation
Northern Europe, UK and even India will eliminate sales of gas and diesel cars. The electric vehicles will soon transform our lifestyle. full article
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