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新加坡不僅有許多美麗景點,更因其完善的城市規劃、優良的治安等眾多優點持續吸引人前來。據《經 濟學人The Economist 》所公布最新「 全球安全城市 ( Safe Cities Index 2021) 」中,新加坡綜合評比獲排全球第3名,城市的安全性讓來此的旅人十分安心。 繼續閱讀
Translated by Viviane / Brooke
The country not only has numerous magnificent attractions, but also continues to attract visitors thanks to its comprehensive urban planning, excellent public security and many other advantages. The Economist's Safe Cities Index 2021 ranks Singapore at No. 3 in the world in its comprehensive evaluation. The safety of the city makes travelers here feel at ease. full article
2021 Q3 房產市場概要
2021 Q3 Property Market Overview
The land market is even more prosperous. As of the third quarter, the cumulative value of transactions has exceeded NT$200 billion registering the second highest record over the past 15 years, and it has also exceeded NT$200 billion for three consecutive years, leading to quite an astonishing market condition. full report
武吉士街區累積了豐富的文化底蘊,展現濃厚的民族風情與人文氣息。被劃為歷史保護區的甘榜格南 ( Kampong Glam ),昔日的蘇丹皇宮如今是馬來傳統文化館,蘇丹回教堂閃閃發亮的金色圓頂是這一區的搶眼地標,保留了英殖民地時代之前的歷史風貌。阿拉伯街讓人貨比三家的波斯地毯商店,以及充滿異域情調的土耳其、黎巴嫩和摩洛哥餐廳,讓人有身在中東的錯覺。深受文青喜愛的哈芝巷 ( Haji Lane ),繽紛多彩的塗鴉壁畫讓老街和舊店屋重獲新生,狹窄的巷子裡有多家咖啡館和酒吧餐廳,以及售賣潮流服飾、精巧首飾和各種手作精品的個性小店,讓人不自覺地放慢腳步,感受那份波西米亞風情。
The Bugis neighborhood has accumulated a rich cultural heritage over the years. Kampong Glam is designated as a historical reserve and the former Sultan Palace is now the Malay Heritage Centre. The shimmering golden dome on the Sultan Mosque serves as an eye-catching landmark and features a time before British colonization. Arab Street has a multitude of Persian carpet shops for you to shop around. It is also home to Turkish, Lebanese, and Moroccan restaurants, creating the illusion of being in the Middle East. Haji Lane has colorful graffiti murals that reinject life into the old streets and shophouses. There are many cafes, bars, and restaurants in the narrow alleys, as well as boutiques selling trendy clothing and exquisite jewelry. Visitors can't help but slow down their pace as they stroll in the bohemian atmosphere.
馬來傳統文化館是由甘榜格南皇宮改建而成的,館內展出英國殖民時代之前的商業活動以及海上貿易樣貌。今日新加坡多元文化的重要部分,主要來自當時的馬來蘇丹王朝所留下豐富的文物史蹟和皮影戲、電影和音樂等文化藝術。館內還可以親自體驗蠟染布和陶器製作,感受活力充沛的馬來武術和舞蹈表演,更加深認識對新加玻的歷史發展。 了解更多
  Malay Heritage Centre
The Malay Heritage Centre showcases the sea trade and commercial activities before the British colonial era, and the wealth of historical relics and cultural arts left by the Malay Sultanate, such as shadow puppets, films, and music. At the Malay Heritage Centre, you can experience the making of batik and pottery, watch Malay martial arts and dance performances, experience the vibrant Malay culture and learn more about the history of Singapore’s development. more
蘇丹回教堂是新加坡最迷人的宗教建築之一,美麗的金色圓頂是最大特色!教堂位於甘榜格南 ( Kampong Glam ),是在 1819 年新加坡割讓給英國時,分配給馬來人和其他穆斯林的區域,因為長久時間伊斯蘭文化的發展,讓這個區域充滿著中東異國的風味。附近有許多回教餐廳、異國美食,以及眾多中東、伊斯蘭的藝品店,完全不需要到中東國家就可體驗到異地的風情。
  Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque is one of the most captivating religious architecture in Singapore. The beautiful golden dome is the Sultan Mosque's grandest feature. The area around Kampong Glam was allocated to the Malays and Muslims in 1819 after Singapore was ceded to the British. The Islamic culture has flourished in the area, as a result the area boasts Middle Eastern vibes. The surrounding area is home to many Muslim restaurants, exotic cuisines, as well as a myriad of Middle Eastern and Islamic art shops.
美芝路是一條在新加坡最早發展的道路之一。美芝路是新加坡有名的美食區,這裡的餐飲選擇豐富且富多元化,有三大民族風味和本土小販文化的雅柏熟食中心;還有散佈在陳桂蘭街、奎因街、巴士米街、佘街等小街的各地風味食肆;若您是米其林饕客,吸引旅客前來品嚐的 Odette、Jaan by West Kirkaway、Garibaldi、Labyrinth 等米其林星級餐館,絕對能滿足不同口味的老饕。
  Beach Road
Beach Road is one of the first roads developed in Singapore. Beach Road is a well-known foodies' paradise in Singapore with rich and diversified dining options, including the Albert Food Centre Market & Food Centre, where visitors can cuisines from the three major ethnic groups and the local hawker culture. Scattered along the side streets, such as Tan Quee Lan Street, Queen Street, Bashimi Street, and Seah Street, are Michelin-starred restaurants such as Odette, Jaan by West Kirkaway, Garibaldi, and Labyrinth which are worth visiting.
新加坡國家美術館是一所全新的視覺藝術博物館,以新加坡、東南亞以及全球各國藝術為媒,介紹作品並啟發觀眾,推動新加坡成為國際藝術都市。美術館藏品以現代藝術為主,但旨在以嶄新多元的方式呈現收藏,透過當代視角和思維理解東南亞藝術的進程。新加坡國家美術館「吳冠中專題系列」的第五期展覽,展出中國藝術家吳冠中及其學生逾 80 件作品和檔案資料,向參觀者介紹他在 1976 至 1985 年期間的藝術教學實踐和教育理念,探索吳冠中在現代藝術教育領域的貢獻。 了解更多
展覽活動: 吳冠中:教· 學· 記
National Gallery Singapore
The National Gallery Singapore is a brand-new visual arts museum that features artworks from Singapore, Southeast Asian countries, and many more. The museum's collection consists mainly of modern art and the development of Southeast Asian art through contemporary perspectives. The fifth exhibition in the "Wu Guanzhong Special Series" at the National Gallery features more than 80 works and archival materials by the Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong and his students. The exhibition showcases Wu Guanzhong's contribution in the field of modern art and his educational philosophy. more
Exhibition: Wu Guanzhong: Learning from the Master
Date: 20th FEB, 2021- 10th APR, 2022
Location: National Gallery Singapore
蔡吉政 Freeman
信義計畫區內精品小豪宅,公設完善。近信義線象山捷運站,交通便捷,博愛國小 / 興雅國中學區,投資設籍皆宜。
Neo Trump
The boutique mansion is located in Xinyi district, near MRT Xiangshan station. The listing is also suitable for investment and registration.
楊光明 Dean
陽明山豪居名人彙集,面遼闊綠意,滿目翠綠。已申請建照,擁有 400 坪庭院,更有溫泉管線可作湯屋。
Tycoon Villa
The listing is surrounded by much greenery, a large 400 ping garden, and hot spring pipeline which can be constructed as a bathhouse.
彭子健 Ken
仁愛路二段臨沂靜巷內,165 坪獨棟別墅,高度珍稀,保值增值。獨享私密宴客會所,酒吧視聽劇院、戶外水景、頂樓書房花園。
The Honeycomb House
Located at Ren'ai road, the building has 6 levels with spacious indoor capacity, theater with bar, and a rooftop garden.
名匯庭苑是由兩座 30 層高樓組成的大型豪華商住綜合項目,位於陳桂蘭街 ( Tan Quee Lan Street ),與坐落於美芝路 ( Beach Road ) 的高檔私宅項目濱海名匯 ( Midtown Bay ) 遙相對望,由地下行人通道連接起來。市區重建局公佈的 2019 年新加坡發展總藍圖草案,除了在市中心增建 2 萬個以上的新住房之外,也對美芝路和 “ 奧菲亞梧槽商業走廊 ” ( Ophir-Rochor Corridor ) 進行重建,打造另一個商業中心,吸引許多國際企業紛紛進駐,包括: 臉書 ( Facebook )、萬事達 ( Mastercard )、巴斯夫 ( BASF )、Tableau 等,使得這一區域變得日益興旺和生機蓬勃。佔地 12 萬 4,118 平方英尺的名匯庭苑,共有 558 個一至四臥房單位的豪華公寓。一樓設有五萬平方英尺的零售空間,三樓的森林花園 ( Gardens in the Woods ) 與屋頂花園為住戶提供綠色空間,營造城市桃花源的宜居環境。名匯庭苑直通武吉士地鐵轉換站,從地鐵站步上扶梯,即可直達名匯庭苑的大門。這個地鐵站營運兩條主要地鐵線——東西線(East West Line) 和濱海市區線 ( Downtown Line ),四通八達。了解更多
  Midtown Modern
Midtown Modern is a large-scale luxury commercial-residential complex composed of two 30-storey high-rise buildings. It is located on Tan Quee Lan Street facing Midtown Bay, an upscale private residences, on Beach Road and connected to it by an underground pedestrian passage. The redevelopment plan on Beach Road and " Ophir-Rochor Corridor " turned the area into a business hub, thus attracting many international companies, such as Facebook, Mastercard, BASF, Tableau to set up here, resulting in the area becoming increasingly prosperous and vibrant. Midtown Modern, covering an area of 124,118 square feet, contains 558 luxury apartments of 1-4 bedrooms. There are 50,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, as well as gardens on the third floor and rooftop providing residents a wonderful living environment in the heart of the city. Midtown Modern is directly connected to Bugis MRT Interchange Station, with East West Line and Downtown Line running, making the location very convenient and accessible. more
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
走入義大利翁布里亞絕美的綠色畫境,邂逅象徵義大利中部永恆之美的 Castello di Reschio 城堡莊園,享受沉浸於自然、藝術與歷史風情的渡假時光。 全文閱讀
  A Well-Deserved Wellness Break
Step into the beautiful green painting landscape of Umbria, Italy, and meet the Castello di Reschio castle estate, which symbolizes the eternal beauty of central Italy, and enjoy a vacation time immersed in nature, art and history. full article
來自阿爾卑斯山腳下的斯洛維尼亞最佳女主廚 Ana Roš ,以在地天然食材,烹調出源自傳統與在地風土的創新料理,並以料理實現最迷人的美味外交。 全文閱讀
  Hiša Franko By Ana Roš
Ana Roš, the best female chef from Slovenia at the foot of the Alps, uses local natural ingredients to cook innovative dishes from tradition and local terroir, and creates the most charming and delicious dishes.
full article
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